Chiropractic Treatment Offers Significant Improvement For Migraine

Chiropractic Treatment Offers Significant Improvement For Migraine

Why Chiropractic Treatment Offers Significant Improvement For Migraine Sufferers


Right now in the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines, otherwise known as debilitating headaches that cause loss of vision, loss of hearing, and the inability to stand or walk. Certain migraine studies estimate that 13 percent of adults experience migraines at one point or another, with 2-3 million reporting chronic migraine episodes.

The popular solution when confronted with a headache is to opt for a quick fix in the form of a pill. We want to solve all of our problems quickly and get on with our day. However, this pill reliance is related to an alarming nationwide trend of opioid overuse and abuse. Fortunately, there are chiropractic solutions that are directly linked to the cause of the migraine. Relying less on medication and more on the proper chiropractic alignment of your spine and neck is a long-term solution to what might seem like an impossible problem.


3 Ways to Treat Migraines Through Chiropractic Support

Migraines can afflict the individual for up to 72-hours. That’s a long time to be in excruciating pain. These migraines are simply a cry for help from your body, pointing to a spinal problem that is connected to the alignment of your brainstem.

As a holistic approach to pain relief, chiropractic treatment focuses on aiding migraine pain through:

  • Massage: The art of massage, practice for thousands of years, is a calming, yet powerful way to assess the body and work different parts back into place. Chiropractic massage knows how to align your body in the way it was meant to be aligned.
  • Spinal manipulation: Your spine can slip out of place, with discs and joints existing out of their desired position. These instantly contribute to painful headaches through the neck, which can be addressed with a chiropractic spinal manipulation.
  • Adjustment of the body’s soft tissues and joints: More so than a spinal procedure, chiropractors can adjust tissues and joints in your back and neck that may be contributing to the migraine pains.


It’s been scientifically proven. Recent studies conducted by R. Bryans et al. published in 2011 concluded that chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, were confirmed to improve cerviocogenic headaches as well as migraines. Additionally studies over the last 20-years have come to similar conclusions, pointing to the power of chiropractic support when addressing tension-type headaches, which mostly include migraines.

A Holistic Chiropractic Solution

There are many medicines, supplements, pills, and even recipes out there that claim to address migraines. Though some of these additives present quick, short-term relief, none of them are addressing the root of the problem. Your body is carefully constructed and aligned. When one part slips out of place, the whole system falls out of line. Seeking chiropractic treatment for your chronic migraines will actually addressing the cause of the problem in the first place, providing you with sustainable relief for years to come.

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