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What is tinnitus and how tinnitus responds to upper cervical chiropractic treatment

What is tinnitus1

Understanding Tinnitus If you’ve ever experienced the aggravating high-pitched ringing in your ears, you know how tinnitus can negatively impact your quality of life. When it comes to understanding this condition, there are several factors that are essential to consider as it relates to effective management and finding appropriate treatment options. Tinnitus (pronounced “tin-night-us”) is […]

Tinnitus – Chronic Ringing in Ears Prevents Restful Sleep


The brain is prevented by chronic ringing in ears from resting. This could explain why many of the tested people report being tired. Moreover, Tinnitus is imperceptible and no device can measures it unlike other diseases like hypertension or diabetes.In the brain, ringing in the ears may cause it to stay more vigilant and not […]