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Chiropractic therapy for my whiplash

Chiropractic therapy for my whiplash

You might have wondered, Who should go to for therapy for my whiplash difficulty You have many options out there in health care which range from drug-related approaches (for instance, narcotic medications) to normal forms of therapy like exercise, acupuncture, and meditation, and together with lots of others in between.

Dr. Alex Bello and Whiplash


Whiplash injuries could have long-term consequences -migraines and vertigo to name a couple. One study that included 300 patients helped reveal a connection between whiplash injuries and various health ailments.The Outcome of the Analysis:Every participant in the study had suffered whiplash because of a vehicle crash or other head injury.The whiplash-induced vertigo was rated at […]

Do You Have A Headache On Top Of Your Head?

Are You Feeling Pain On Top Of Your Head? | Natural Headache Relief

Do You Have A Headache On Top Of Your Head?If you consistently feel pain on the top of the head it is known as vertex pain (top of the head pain). This Type of headache can be associated with many different conditions. If you have experienced this type of pain you know that it is […]