Tinnitus – Chronic Ringing in Ears Prevents Restful Sleep


The brain is prevented by chronic ringing in ears from resting. This could explain why many of the tested people report being tired. Moreover, Tinnitus is imperceptible and no device can measures it unlike other diseases like hypertension or diabetes.

In the brain, ringing in the ears may cause it to stay more vigilant and not as at rest. According to researchers, Tinnitus is connected to changes in certain networks. Although the cause of ringing has eluded most doctors, the finding provides patients with confirmation of their own experiences and hope for treatment that can help them deal with their sleep issues.

Researchers at University of Illinois, using functional MRI to search for patterns of brain function and structure, discovered that tinnitus is, in fact,  attributable to a region of the brain known as the precuneus. The precuneus is connected to two inversely related networks in the brain: the dorsal care system, which can be active when something holds a person's attention and the default mode network, which are the background functions of the brain when the man is at rest and not thinking of anything specifically.

Researchers discovered that, in patients with tinnitus, the precuneus is more strongly connected to the care system and not as attached to the default mode network. Additionally, as severity of the tinnitus increased, so did the observed effects on the networks. "Tinnitus is imperceptible. It can't be measured by any device we have, like we can with hypertension or diabetes," said Fatima Husain , a professor at University of Illinois.

"So you can have this continuous sound in your head, but nobody else can hear it and they may not believe you. They might believe that it's all in your imagination. Medically, we can only handle some symptoms, not cure it, because we don't understand what is causing it," she added. The study suggests that tinnitus patients aren't truly at rest, even when resting. This could explain why many report being drained more frequently, they said. "

Researchers also came to the conclusion that ringing in the ears may leave the person unable to focus on anything during an acute episode of tinnitus. If you've got bothersome tinnitus, this might be why you have concentration issues," Hussain said. 



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